BFN Overview

The biodiversity for food and nutrition project with the goal of mainstreaming biodiversity conservation and sustainable use for improved human nutrition and well being, implements through three major components; Knowledge base, Policy & Regulatory framework and Raising awareness & outscaling, to address the present concerns on securing national food security, well-being, livelihoods & sustainable and effective utilization of agro-biodiversity to succumb food security. BFN is a multi-national project implemented by Bioversity, funded by the Global Environment Fund - GEF (United Nations Environment Programme -UNEP & Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations - FAO) executed in four countries including Brazil, Sri Lanka Turkey and Kenya.

In Sri Lanka the BFN project is implemented by the Ministry of Environment and executed by the Department of Agriculture.
Activities under BFN Sri Lanka include; Baseline surveys on agro-biodiversity and nutrition status including dietary diversity in three pilot sites in Sri Lanka. Food Composition analysis of priority agricultural biodiversity species for food and nutrition in Sri Lanka, national database and portal containing composition tables, traditional knowledge & recipes. Policy establishment and strengthening regulatory frameworks aimed at agricultural biodiversity conservation and sustainable use for food, nutrition, health and education programmes. Increase awareness through opening of traditional food outlets Helabojun in partner with DOA. Establishment of model gardens, demonstration plots, school home gardens, production of novel products from local under-utilized crops, establish marketing strategies and undertaking trainings to promote the utilization of agro-biodiversity for human nutrition, health and well-being.

Latest News & Contribution

Food Festival 16th October 2017 - Commemorating the World Food Day

Inaugural speech by Dr. Rohan Wijekoon, Director General of Agriculture at Training workshop on “Conservation & Utilization of Local Varieties and Traditional Knowledge Associated with Genetic Resources & Agriculture” held at Oak Ray Regency Hotel, Kandy on 9 - 10 January 2017
Food Festival 2017 - Commemorating the World Food Day

16th October 2017 at the
Plant Genetic Resource Centre, Gannoruwa


07th to 09th July 2018 at FRDI, Kananwila, Horana


Hela bojun - True Sri Lankan Taste

Creating marketing outlets, Helabojun - Baththaramulla, May 16 , 2015