• Kohila tubers - 500 g
• Fenugreek seeds - 2 teaspoons
• Green chili- 5 capsules
• Maldive fish powder - 2 teaspoons
• Garlic -  3 bulbs
• Pandan
• Onion -  10 bulbs
• Small amount of turmeric powder
• Small amount of coconut milk
• Salt



• Clean and slice Kohila tubers thinly
• Add chili powder, fenugreek seeds, garlic, onion, pandan, turmeric powder, maldive fish powder and salt to taste into a pot containing sliced Kohila tubers and boil
• Add thick coconut milk and heat until it comes to a boil
• Add 2 pieces of garcinia or tomato or few anchovy (halmasso) to increase taste
• Fry few mustard seeds (about a teaspoon) in a pan, grind and add into the Kohila stem curry to increase the taste of the curry