• Kiḍaran ala tubers-500 g
  • Small amount of salt
  • Grated coconut- little amount
  • Chili (kochchi) seven or eight capsules
  • Curry leaves
  • Piece of pandan leaf
  • Onion 5-6 bulbs
  • Pepper- few seeds
  • Coconut milk – small amount



• Peal the outer skin of Kidaran ala tuber  and wash with hot water
• Cut into small pieces
• Add salt into water and  tubers and let to boil
• Grind grated coconut, chili (kochchi),curry leaves, onion and pepper together and mix with boiling Kidaran ala tuber pieces
• Add coconut milk and heat until it comes to a boil

Anulawathi Marasinghe
Thuththiripitiya, Galathara