• Buthsarana tubers-1kg
  • Salt
  • Grated coconut (from half of coconut)



• Dry and grind  Buthsarana tuber pieces to make flour
• Mix grated coconut and salt to make roti and pittu

Roti Preparation
• Add salt and grated coconut to Buthsarana tuber flour and mix well
• Then add water a little at a time until it forms a dough, but not a sticky dough (the dough should be like play-dough consistency)
• Use lightly greased flat surface to flatten the dough ball into a round shape - Do not over press the dough ball. Be gentle so the roti will not be tough
• To cook the roti, heat a heavy duty skillet or a cast iron skillet on medium high heat
• Cook on both sides until you get them well browned

Pittu Preparation
• Set up steamer with hot water and bring pittu steamer to a boil until you see the steam coming out of the top of the steamer
• Add salt and grated coconut to Buthsarana tuber flour and mix well
• Use fingers to create a "crumble texture"
• Note:  This texture is really important. It should be a dry crumble so sprinkle a little flour mixture to make sure you get the right texture
• Take the steamer tube and place the piece that separates the tube part from the steamer part.   It's the little metal circle that has holes.  These holes allow the steam to go up through the pittu mixture and steam it all together into a tube  
• Then fill the tube with the dry crumble mixture of the Buthsarana flour and coconut until you get to the top.  Place the lid on the steamer tube and back on the base that is full of boiling water
• Steam pittu for 5 minutes until you see steam coming out of the top of the pittu steamer.  Then allow it to steam for about 1-2 more minutes.  That means the steam has worked it's way through all the pittu ingredients and steamed everything together.  Take the pittu tube off the base and use a wooden dowel/pole to push the pittu out of the steamer
• Repeat until all the mixture is used


























Moragammana, Aranayake