Ceylon Oak Curry



• Ceylon Oak (Kahata)  - 250g
• Jak fruit seeds  - 100g
• Water -   1 ½  cups
• Coconut milk - 1 ½  cups
• Big onion - 1 blub
• Green chilies - 2-3capsules
• Chili powder to taste
• Roasted curry powder taste
• Curry leaves & Pandan leaf
• Turmeric powder as required
• Salt to taste



• Clean Ceylon oak flower buds and boil.
• Discard the water after boiling.
• Add salt, chili powder, turmeric powder, onions, pandan and curry leaves to the boiled Ceylon oak flower buds and mix well.
• Take well matured jak fruit seeds, split into four, remove the outer coat and boil in water separately.
• When jak fruit seeds are boiling, add the mixture of Ceylon oak flower buds and coconut milk and bring to a boil.
• Add roasted curry powder to the boiling mixture and allow to cook.
• Sauté if necessary.