Ceylon Oak Mellum



• Ceylon oak (Kahata) – 250g
• Jak fruit seeds -  100 g
• Water -   1 ½  cups
• Big onion - 1 bulb
• Small amount of grated coconut
• Green chilies - 2-3capsules
• Dried chilies - few capsules
• Garlic - 3 bulbs
• Few  mustard seeds
• Pandan and curry leaves
• Turmeric powder as required
• Salt to taste



• Remove petals, sepals from Ceylon oak (kahata) flowers to take female reproductive part of the flower (Egg cells).
• Wash well and split one flower into four.
• Add little amount of turmeric powder into water and add split Ceylon oak (kahata) flowers and boil.
•  After boiling remove the water.
• Take well matured jak fruit seeds, remove the outer coat and boil in water with small amount of turmeric powder separately.
• Add the boiled Ceylon oak flowers (kahata) flowers to the boiling jak fruit seeds.
• Add onion, green chili, garlic & grated coconut and cook.
• Heat small amount of oil in a pan and add mustard seeds, pandan, curry leaves & dried chili  and finally add the Ceylon oak (kahata) curry and sauté to increase the taste.