CDC – Community development centre , Model Garden / Demonstration Plot for Local Root & Tuber Crops

BFN Partner the Community Development Centre (CDC)

The Community Development Centre (CDC) is a community based organization, situated in Kalwana Kanda Uda, Aranayaka; working towards achieving a prosperous future through sustainable agriculture, with special attention on the cultivation of traditional and indigenous roots and tubers. Ms. Damayanthi Godamulla, Director CDC implements with a vision of "A prosperous future through sustainable agriculture”.

CDC initiated through organization of the community as Small Groups which were established in villages with initiatives such as mushroom faming & livestock management. CDC expanded in 2006 through identification of farmers (100 farmers) practicing

traditional agriculture in villages, who were engaged in cultivating traditional roots and tubers. Their knowledge was recognized and varieties were identified, thereby a new programme was launched to conserve traditional roots and tubers through cultivation. At present about 55 varieties of roots and tubers are identified and 36 varieties are cultivated at present. International projects including UNDP, BFN (Biodiversity for food & nutrition project) funded and promoted the cultivation and conservation of these traditional roots and tubers. The organization has now expanded and works in about 18 villages, where the direct benefits reach a total more than 2,000 individuals in the area. CDC is an innovative, effective agent for promotion of sustainable farming, particularly, traditional knowledge and practices of food culture in Sri Lanka, by way of mobilizing related institutions and people through training and other promotional activities, in order to support food security of the communities." CDC engages in the production of novel food products using root & tuber crop including; ala chips, ala keda, ala wandu, ala roti, ala cake, ala dosi. CDC also acts as a major marketing channel for villagers assisting in income generation amongst the community.

With intervention and funding from the BFN project; a Model garden/ Demonstration plot, Knowledge Dissemination(trainings), Production and Marketing of novel value added products of Local Root & Tuber Crops is currently been carried out; with reconstruction of cultivation plots, including land management practices, terracing agriculture with consultation from the Natural Resources Management Centre, DOA.