Training on changing dietary patterns of Sri Lankans towards healthy foods: through increase in consumption of local fruits and vegetables

The training program was aimed at entrepreneurs, officers of Women Agriculture and Local Food Promotion agencies on using nutritionally rich under-utilized fruits and vegetables in-order to increase the fruit and vegetable consumption of the Sri Lankan community through helabojun sale centers in partner with the Extension & Training Centre, Department of Agriculture on the 20th May 2016 at the In-service, Department of Agriculture.

Expert Consultant/Trainer; Executive Chef - V.S.I. Sujith Indika Surasena conducted the training on Basic Knowledge in methods of cookery and Cuts of vegetables; including recipes & demonstrations with presentation on novel food recipes produced from local fruit and vegetables.  Fruit Juices, Lazzi, Smoothies, Milk shakes with soya milk, Salads & dressing, Soups, Main courses and Desserts.

The training was insightful as to how local food can be elevated to restaurant quality cuisine to better appeal a wider consumer range. Thus, the training was beneficial to improve the presentation skills of local entrepreneurs, which can be used as an effective marketing strategy to popularize traditional/local food.

Braised cabbage & Tofu with Olu Rice
Vegetable & noodles soup with fried Tofu
Vegetable ratatoulli with soya bean & sweet potato mash
Sweet & sour vegetable with country rice
Assorted grilled vegetable platter
Assorted Pulses Salad
Cauliflower, Orange, Tomato Salad