Biodiversity for Food and Nutrition project in collaboration with the Fruit Crop research & development Institute, Kananwila, Horana organized a seminar on “Underutilized fruits” sequence to the Fruit Exhibition held on 07th to 09th July 2018. The seminar programme held on 09th July 2018 aimed at school children (Advanced level) and officials from the Department of Agriculture.

The objective of the seminar was to raise awareness among school children about the importance of local underutilized fruit species towards an improved nutrition and well being. The seminar was disseminated under five key areas as importance of agro biodiversity for a balanced nutrition, Underutilized fruit species in Sri Lanka, Nutritional compositions of underutilized fruit species, medicinal values of underutilized fruit species and value added products from underutilized fruit species.

Key resource persons from Department of Agriculture, University of Peradeniya, Department of Ayurveda and Food promotion board were present to share their knowledge in the respective fields.

Seminar programme was successfully attended by 150 school children together with officials from Department of Agriculture. A colorful fruit table was arranged for the gathering to enhance consumption of various fruits both underutilized and commercial types. The seminar programme gained much attention from the participants hence improving their knowledge and awareness on consuming local fruits for a healthy & a better lifestyle.