Quiz Competition on Biodiversity for Food and Nutrition among project pilot site school children in Gampola, Giribawa, Niunhella and Udukumbura

Biodiversity for Food and Nutrition project together with Farm Broadcasting service of the National Agriculture Information and Communication center, Department of Agriculture conducted a radio quiz competition on Biodiversity, Agriculture, Food and Nutrition for the school children at project pilot sites Niunhella, Gamploa Giribawa and Udukumbura. Initial competitions were held at pilot sites on 31st of August, 7th & 14th of September 2018 where final event was held on 3rd October 2018 at Plant Genetic Resources Center, Gannoruwa.

The competition was held with the objective of improving awareness among school children in the pilot sites on the biodiversity, agro biodiversity and its importance towards agriculture and day today nutritious food intake. Pilot Sites have been constantly supported and monitored by the BFN project assisting to initiate home gardens for improved nutrition, dietary diversity and well being. Households have been actively participated in home garden establishment and maintenance activities thus increasing the importance of home gardening and consuming fruits and vegetables towards a healthy and nutritious life should be implanted in the mindset of children as well.
A group of seven School children was selected per team from respective pilot site based on a structured questionnaire. Initial stage 1st competition was held between Niunhella and Udukumbura teams in Niunhella where Niunhella team won the competition. Initial stage 2nd competition was held between Niunhella and Gampola Giribawa team in Gampola where Gampola, Giribawa team won the competition. Initial stage 3rd competition in selecting the final team for the grand finale was held in Udukumbura between Gampola Giribawa and Udukumbura teams where Gampola, Giribawa team won the competition. Consecutive winner of the two initial competitions Gampola, Giribawa team and Niunhella team who won the 1st initial competition selected for the grand finale.

Final Competition was held on 3rd October at Plant Genetic Resources Center, Gannoruwa with the participation of Additional Director Generals (Research& Development) Provincial directors of Agriculture, Deputy Directors of Agriculture, Additional Directors of Plant Genetic Resources center and Farm Broadcasting services, Agriculture Publication Unit, Agriculture Instructors from the respective sites with the team members of the final event and well wishers who graced the occasion.
After facing two rounds of competitive questions team Gampola Giribawa won the championship beating Team Niunhella with a score of 250 marks. Closing and awards ceremony was held with the participation of Additional director General (Development) Mr. A.Arunappriya and Additional director General (Research) Dr.Keerthisena together with the Additional Director of Farm Broad casting Service Mr.Hiran Peiris, Additional director of the Agriculture Publication Unit and Additional Director of Plant Genetic Resources Center and National Project Coordinator of Biodiversity for Food and Nutrition project Dr.W.L.G.Samarasinghe together with the provincial directors of Agriculture and other officials from Department of Agriculture and officers representing the respective pilot sites.

Mr.Hiran Pieris additional Director of the Farm Broadcasting service contributed as the head of the panel of judges while Mr.Sam Samarasinghe, Ms.Kumuduni Dinusha, Mr.Sisira Jayathilake, Mr.Pradeep Dharmachandra, Mr.Amith Sachinthana,Ms. Mallika Premalal, Ms.ESC Edirisinghe, Ms Chandhani Muthukudaarachchi and Ms Nethmini Samaradiwakara served as the panel of judges throughout the competition.
Mr.Menuka Alahakoon, Agriculture Instructor, Niunhella as the head of the team Niunhella, Mr.Ravindranath Bandara, Agriculture Instructor, Thabutta as the head of the Team Gampola, Giribawa and Ms.Shashikala Wijayamanna, Agriculture Instructor, Ududumbara as the head of the team Udukumbura assisted the teams in gathering knowledge and information relevant to the competition.

Throughout the programme Farm Broadcasting Service of the Department of agriculture had a dedicated effort to make the event a great success. Team members include Mr.Ajith Gunesekera (Head/FBS-Kandurata Unit), Mr.Amila Dushmantha, Mr. Nimesh Bandara, Mr.Taranga Dharmasena, and Buddhika Malgahagamage provided with technical expertise provided in recording editing and finalizing the event to be broadcasted in Radio channels.

Assistance by compeering the event was provided by Mr.Ajith Gunasekera, Assistant Director of Agriculture (Development) and Mr.Sisira Jayathilake,Agriculture Instructor of the Farm Broadcasting Service.

Radio quiz competition on Biodiversity for Food and Nutrition among BFN project pilot site school children was broadcasted in Lak FM(106-106.2) from 8.00 to 8.30 P.M. and Sri Lanka Broadcasting Cooperation, Commercial Service (94.3-94.5) from 6.30 to 7.00 P.M on every Sundays and Mondays of December 2018.