• Rice flour (from soaked 4-5 cups of white raw rice) - 10 cups
• Sugar - 2 cups
• Water - 3 cups
• Cardamoms - 3-4 
• Hand full of cashew nuts





• Roast the rice flour under medium heat. It is better to grind the rice yourself.
• If you use the processed rice flour aluwa will get sticky and have a different taste.
• Keep little amount of roasted flour for dusting and coating.
• Boil the sugar and water in non-stick pan until form a thick line and take out from the heat.
• While continuously stirring add ground cardamom seeds and chopped cashew nuts. This time will allow the syrup to little cool and help to keep aluwa in good white colour.
• Then add the roasted flour and mix in well.
• Quickly spread on a tray lined with waxed paper and try to keep it at 1 cm thickness.
• Cut in to pieces promptly. After few minutes separate from the tray and coat with remaining flour.

This measurement enough for 25-30 aluwa pieces.