The diversity and food fair at the Udukumbura pilot site was collaboratively organized by the Biodiversity for Adaptation to Climate Change Project, Biodiversity for Food & Nutrition Project and the Plant Genetic Resources Centre. With the main aim of identifying the diversity existing in the pilot site a fair was successfully implemented with 25 households exhibiting the agro-biodiversity found within their home gardens along with various local dishes prepared utilizing the available agro-biodiversity.

Each household exhibited over 50 to 80 crops along with several food dishes under the crops categories of cereals, pulses, root & tubers, vegetables, leafy vegetables, fruits and spices. The diversity found within the households was considerably high and the fair also facilitated the transfers of planting material amongst the households.

The food items exhibited at the fair revealed local food preparation methodologies in the area also highlighting few native methods of food processing. Dishes produced utilizing maize flour and grains was found in abundant in the area. Maize been rich in phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, zinc, copper and iron is also good source of dietary fiber and protein, thus contributing to the nutritional status of the households in the Udukumbura area.

Cooking equipment were distributed to the households with the highest number of food items exhibited under two categories: open and the fruit & vegetable category.