• American Flour - 1 cup 
• White Rice Flour - 1 cup 
• Cardamoms - 2 pods 
• Pinch of Salt
• Kithul or Coconut Treacle
• Oil for deep frying





• Mix the two kinds of flour together with ground cardamom and salt.
• Mix it with honey until it forms a thick liquid.
• To check for consistency, take a spoonful of the batter and drop it slowly back to the mixture. The batter should form pleats if the consistency is correct.
• Heat about a cup of oil thoroughly in a thachhi.
• Drop a small amount (about 1/4 cup) of batter to the center of the thachhi to make a Kawum.
• Use a wooden stick and poke center of kewum. Use a slotted spoon to pour oil over the kawum and form a konde with oozed out batter.
• Fry until it turns golden brown.
• Drain the kewum onto paper and serve.