• Raw Rice Flour (soaked and grinded) - 250g 
• Treacle - 3/4 Bottle
• Rampe - 2 pieces
• Salt
• Coconut - 1 
• Water - 1 cup 
• Cardamom, Clove



• Like making Pittu, put rice flour into a bowl and ad coconut and water litle by little and make small pebbles like mixture.
• Then steam the mixture in a Pittu Bambuwa and remember to put the rampe leaf in before filling the mixture.
• After Pittu is ready break it into small particles and keep aside.
• Take a pot and heat the treacle, add cardomom and clove in to it.
• When boiling, add Pittu and mix well. Add salt too.
• When the mixture is becomming thick, take off and spread on a plank and cut into squres.