• Peeled and de-seeded Sapathilla/ Fuzzy Fruit- 500 g
  • Pectin - 5 g
  • Sugar - 325 g
  • Citric Acid - 5 g



• Initially the sticky latex of the Fuzzy Fruit / Sapathilla has to be removed
• To remove the latex add the Fuzzy Fruit / Sapathilla into a pan and heat for about 3 minutes
• Once the latex is removed, add the Fuzzy Fruit / Sapathilla pieces into a blender and blend into a pulp.
• Keep aside 10g of sugar mixed with 5g of pectin
• Add the rest of the sugar into the Fuzzy Fruit / Sapathilla pulp in a pan and allow to cook in medium heat with continuous stirring.
• After heated for sometime add the 10g of sugar mixed with 5g of pectin and 5g of citric acid and mix properly.
• Once the mixture is homogenized the mixture is taken off the heat. (to check small portion of the mixture is added to a blow of cold water and the mixture sticks together rather than dispersing in water)
• Once the mixture is cooled, add into a bottle and can be served.